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Reviews from JOSHHOBBS.COM Solar Screen Services Austin TX TEXAS Customers

"Austin Solar Screen REVIEWS         
 by JOSHHOBBS.COM Customers"

We just moved to Austin Texas and couldn't believe how hot it is here.  The sun seems to never want to go away, it just lingers and feels like it is sitting a few feet from your face.  My home, while beautiful in construction as many Austin TX homes are, stays way to warm for the likings of our Northern acclimated family.  I first thought our A/C was not correctly working to its capacity, so I had it checked.  The service call to have the A/C checked cost me $200 to find out there was nothing wrong with it.  When the A/C repairman first told me this, I was like great, thereís $200 dollars down the drain.  Then the A/C man suggested that I shade my windows with a product Austiniteís use quite often down here called solar window screens.  I was at first VERY skeptical thinking he was just out to try to sell me something from a friend of his.   

The A/C repairman gave me the name of Josh Hobbs as the go to guy here in town, he said that while he has never met Mr Hobbs that he has seen plenty of his work, that he has been to plenty of homes that wear his Austin solar screens, and he said that he has not seen one home that he felt was done poorly.  And the guy told me that of the homeowners he visited with about Josh Hobbs, that they all praised his conduct and his product.   He also said that he has been referring Josh Hobbs for years and has never received one bit of negative feedback from the people he has referred Mr. Hobbs to.  After all this praise, I looked Josh Hobbs Solar Screens Austin Texas up on the web to find his incredibly thoughtful and well laid out website www.JoshHobbs.com.  From his website all of my questions were answered.  I donít know that I have ever come across a local service man / small business like this with as well of thought out and thorough website.  He even has a section of videos that explains how he installs the solar screens on windows and he had a questions and answers page that was in depth and very thorough.

We are thoroughly pleased with our new solar shade screens.  Not only are they attractive and expertly installed, we definitely notice that the AC is not running as frequently as it did before they were installed.  Thanks for the professional and courteous service. 
-Ted, Lakeway Solar Screen Customer [re: 178]

I loved everything about the process.  Love that you left a sunscreen sample and gave your own recommendations.  The sun screens for windows were installed on the day you promised and they look great.  I would definitely tell friends to use you.  Many thanksóHillary Mayer Clarkdale, Cedar Park Solar Window Screens Installation [re: 168]

Cedar Park TX Solar Screen Customer Video Review

After spending some time on his website I was sold, done deal, letís get this ball rolling, -but my wife wasnít.  My wife wanted to see samples of the screens first.  She was still a little skeptical.  I showed her the endless reviews on his website for her to get a feel for what experiences others have had.  And, I worked up my own pricing from his pricing page, which was super easy, so I knew what the cost was going to be to show her.  The pricing was SOOO reasonable.  I thought this was so cool, as I did not have to deal with someone coming out to give me a sales pitch, which I AM NOT a fan of.  And there was no negotiating, his pricing is black and white published on his website, I did not have to haggle with a sales-person which I cannot stand doing.  To appease my wife, I ordered the free solar screen sample kit off of Mr. Hobbs website, which we got in the mail which had real material samples of his product.  Once my wife saw this and had a few days to think things over, she agreed to move forward.  I started my order on Joshís website with the measuring deposit of $50 and Josh wrote me back telling me what day he will be at the home to measure my windows, he told me we did not have to be there when he came by. He also told us that he would leave large sample screens behind for us in the color combinations he picked out for us, for our house.  Awesome I thought, thatís perfect, we donít have to leave our work to meet him at the house.   Josh himself came by and measured our windows, left behind the samples and a sheet telling us what day he will email us over an order for us to approve and what windows he measured and what his color recommendations are for our home.  We chose the black and tan frame.  The next day Josh emailed us a detailed order for us to approve, which we did, and he suggested that we get our windows cleaned and provided us with a window cleaner.  We contacted the window cleaner whom of which coordinated the cleaning two days before the installation. 

The shade screens for windows are great!  It was nice to be able to know the approximate price doing it online at my leisure.  From start to finish it was totally a smooth process  I will highly recommend you.  Thanks.  -Maggie, Solar Window Screen Austin TX Customer
[re: 177]

Great job!  Very satisfied with ease of process and ease of whole transaction.  Very helpful, offered great advice and answered all my many exterior shade screens for windows questions that I had.  Would recommend you for sure, and was recommended to you by others!
-Gracy Harris, Solar Window Screen Pflugerville Texas [re: 176]

Josh told us that we did not need to be home for the installation, so we did not have to take off work, which was great !!  We got home, and low and behold the screens were up on the house, it was awesome.  We went ahead and screened all 32 windows of ours, and not only does it look great, but the inside of the house felt sooooo much better.  It was much cooler, and it just had a better feel to it.   Over the weekend while we were enjoying how much cooler it was in our house, I opened up the blinds to let in more light and to be able to open up the house to see out more, to make the home feel more comfortable, and an added great benefit is that we didnít have to worry about people being able to see in to the house, as the solar screens gave us privacy, you couldnít see in form the curb.  All in all, the screens look amazing, they work well, the home is cooler with them installed, and the process was SUPER easy and professional.  I give this experience a 5 star rating and two thumbs way up! 

Excellent work.  The AC already seems to turn on less frequently.  I plan to have you do the sliding screen door later.  Too hot and humid to actually open the door.
-Odell Dehat, Austin Sun Shades for Windows Customer [re: 175]

The sun blocking window shades make a noticeable difference.  The house feels better insulated and rooms allow less sun in which keeps energy costs down.  Thanks again!
-Curtis and Natalie, Round Rock Solar Screens Customer [re: 174]

I am so happy.  The window sun screens are beautiful.  They change the whole look of the facade of the house and have made the climate control inside 100 times better.  I want to complement your process too.  I was relieved to find that my measurements didn't have to be accurate.  I was happy when your estimate matched mine.  The online process was so efficient.  I was a bit nervous to pre-pay without ever having spoken to y'all, but it worked beautifully!
-Nancy, Solar Window Screens Round Rock Texas [re: 172]

Easy ordering-Great Service-Quick Install-Friendly Service-love the solar shade screens-already can tell a difference in temperature of
the house!  Have recommended to neighbors already! 
Thank you! John and Jill McCoy
Georgetown Solar Screens Customer [re: 169]

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