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Thank you Josh and Paula Hobbs for a great job. We are very pleased with the solar screen job you did for our Austin Texas home. Our home is so much cooler now that they windows are shaded from the sun with your solar screens. You guys were so easy to work with and it was super great that we didn't have to be home for you to measure the home or do the installation. You guys have a first rate business going, thank you for your hard work.

Solar Screen Austin Texas Customer Review


My name is Bill and I am from Round Rock Texas. I had Josh and Paula install 90% solar screens on the West facing windows of my home and 80% solar screens on the rest of my windows. I had them install a solar screen on every window of my, 32 windows. The cost was $1538 and it has to be the best investment I have ever made, or at least of the top two. I am new to Texas, and I had NO idea how hot it gets here, but after enduring the heat of last Summer's heat wave, I new that I needed to do something for this Summer. My neighbors has solar screens installed by Josh and Paula and they were thrilled, they couldn't stop talking about the great job Josh and Paula did for them and about how effective the solar screens were for them. I am a tech guy, so when I got on Josh and Paula's website I was excited to see that I could get pricing instantly from using their pricing worksheet. It was so easy to use. I at first thought I just wanted to put the screens on the front of the home, but then after seeing what the cost would be to outfit all my windows with solar screens, I figured why not, and boy am I happy that I did. I am so glad that I shaded all the windows with the solar screens as it not only looks good, the home feels soooo much better now that it's shaded. On their website I learned so much about the screens, whereby I didn't even have to call Josh or Paula about anything, as every question I had was answered for me on the website. It's refreshing to do business with people like this I have to say. Josh and Paula, thank you very much for an awesome job !!!!

Round Rock TX Solar Window Screen Customer Review



My experience with JoshHobbs.com was outstanding, their installed Austin solar window screen pricing was awesome, I was beside myself at how inexpensive it was to have them custom build and install solar screens for my home in Steiner Ranch. We have next to no trees providing us shade, so these solar screens were an immense help for us. Our windows are now shaded, and the inside of our home is SOOOOO much cooler. My family and I are super pleased with the quality of work we received from JoshHobbs.com Austin Solar Screens

Austin Solar Screen Customer Review, Steiner Ranch Installation


This is a self-made walk around video of an Austin Texas Home that this customer did for us.  He was very pleased with the solar screen Austin Texas project that we did for him and took the time to make this video for us.

Solar Screen Video Review, walk around home


This is the easiest, most efficient experience we’ve had with a contractor.  The website is very detailed and all costs are up front.  There was no time wasted with hours of a sales pitch and haggling over prices.  Josh and Paula were responsive and gave us a quick installation date.  We didn’t have to be home for measuring or installation.  They even recommended a great company to wash our windows.  The quality of the solar screens was excellent.  We would definitely recommend them.  We think this has probably increased the value of our home.  It was a pleasure doing  business with them, especially since we will save on air-conditioning costs over the long Summer. 
Linda Daylamani, Austin Solar Window Screens installation

JoshHobbs.com Solar Window Screens Austin Customer Written Review K


On a scale of 1 to 10 I give the Hobbs an 11. The pricing is better than competitive and the quality of work is excellent. They were there when they said they would be. Overall they are the best.
Ron Duncan, Solar Screens Pflugerville TX installation

Pflugerville Solar Screens Written Customer Review